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Lowdown Ballroom makes limited use of video surveillance systems at the Lowdown Ballroom location. Video surveillance systems are primarily used to record access to the Ballroom at the North entrance. Video security cameras are also used to provide security to property and provided equipment.

Video surveillance cameras are never used in the restroom, where renters and their guests would have an expectation of privacy.

The primary purpose of the video surveillance system is to allow the after-the-fact investigation of crimes committed against Lowdown Ballroom. The system may also be used to assist in the investigation of certain types of safety issues.

The video surveillance system is not intended to be used as a method of recording practices, lessons, or performances.


Recordings of video surveillance is only available for 5 days, after which the recordings are unavailable. Lowdown Ballroom is responsible for the management of the surveillance system and the recordings, and has exclusive control of the release of the video recordings produced by this system.

Recorded video is not made directly available to renters or guests, or the general public. In the event that a security event occurs, renters and guests must report it to Lowdown Ballroom within 4 days of the event, in order to ensure the incident is captured for a longer period.

Requests to provide video recordings to renters or guests will not be accommodated. If a crime has been committed, renters and guests are encouraged to contact the police. If it is believed that recorded video from Lowdown Ballroom would assist in the investigation of this crime, renters and guests should notify Lowdown Ballroom in order to retain the video, and the police should be told to contact Lowdown Ballroom. If relevant video is available, a permanent video clip will be made available to the police.


Renters and guests should have no expectation that Lowdown Ballroom is monitoring the cameras at all times, or that they are under constant surveillance when they are in range of a camera. Even when camera coverage exists, it may not provide the level of detail needed to capture security events.

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