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TANGO CLASSES (Wednesdays in January)

Come enjoy our intimate and inclusive group classes at the Lowdown Ballroom with Jenni Rose Bruner of La Bohemia TangoKeep an eye on our social media profiles ( IG & FB) for updates! 

6 - 7 PM       Tango for Beginners FB Event )

                     Class starts Jan. 4th

                     Pre-registration Required ($150)

                     Partner not required

                     REGISTER NOW 


7 - 8 PM       Tango Technique  

                     Drop-ins Available ($15)

                     ($10 UW Tango Club) 
                     Partner not required; all levels

                    Last Wednesdays of the month:
                       Tango Technique Goes Wild


8 - 9:30 PM  Tango Fundamentals 

                     Drop-ins Available ($20)

                     ($15 UW Tango Club)
                     Partner not required; all levels


Jenni is also available for private lessons at the rate of $75/hr. To book or inquire about a lesson, email Jenni at

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